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    August 13, 2017 at 9:39 pm #17296


    Got this email from your plugin when a user was making a purchase on my woocommerce store. This happened and it blocked the user as soon as he made the payment.


    The following potential attack has been detected by HMWP IDS.

    If it’s you please Exclude that parameter or increase Notify Threshold from IDS settings.
    In most cases you don’t need to do anything. Hide My WP protects you!

    User ID:
    Date: 2017-08-13T07:39:45+00:00
    Total Impact: 32
    Affected tags: xss csrf id rfe lfi

    Affected parameters: REQUEST.CHECKSUMHASH=mR2LiqT3818jQnUeRlQrKlDcAcgm6CReEV0NHRZh6CEg23kQJYt5MI2gF0aGbqdMqze2wZaJc3aqM5%2FmkHsOvGNU5JjH8p7Cde2rQPPbptA%3D, POST.CHECKSUMHASH=mR2LiqT3818jQnUeRlQrKlDcAcgm6CReEV0NHRZh6CEg23kQJYt5MI2gF0aGbqdMqze2wZaJc3aqM5%2FmkHsOvGNU5JjH8p7Cde2rQPPbptA%3D,

    Request URI: /?page_id=7&wc-api=WC_paytm

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