Issue with File Uploads Set as Relative Path

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    August 11, 2017 at 5:50 pm #17266

    I have an issue when trying to redirect the uploads folder. The line in question is: RewriteRule ^site/assets/(.*) /wp-content/uploads/$1?gxb_hide_my_wp=1111 [QSA,L] (I’ve also tried adding a / after the ^ in an attempt to use absolute path) .

    The problem is, the file path on the front end is relative to the current page the user is on ( vs

    The file gets uploaded correctly to the root, however, the html referencing the file always points to the relative url. How do I get it to map from the root domain? I can’t seem to figure it out after hours of trying to modify the expression.

    I will post my debug report in a private reply to this thread…see below

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